Are you prepared to expand to your next level?

Would you like more peace of mind, knowing how to trust your instincts, embrace your setbacks as a spring forward and launch a whole new level of you? 

Is High Style the right fit for you?

3 great questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do I know how my triggered emotions are tied to my subconscious patterns?
  2. Do I understand how the contrast in my life is the key to true happiness?
  3. Do I live by my own intuitive guidance or live by what others expect of me?

3 important skills you may experience, with our help:

  • Tools to help you get unstuck, by identifying your deeper values and potential roadblocks to your greater self  
  • How to develop a growth mindset, so you never doubt your ability to live by your true passion
  • Show you step-by-step processes to break free of old patterns and habits and create lasting change

Private Consulting & Speaking

Need a Personal Empowerment Guide?


Do you want to see your life differently? What is not working, not feeling right, or needs an adjustment? Are your habits hindering your performance? 

This session can be online or phone, and will include powerful tools to help  you every day through your challenges so that you can feel more secure and empowered! 

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Career, Group or Event Empowerment


Do you have the best solutions to expand your current career, 

company or nonprofit? Do you need ideas for marketing, affiliate program, or how to improve your brand or service? Could your team or leaders benefit from some motivation?

This session will be on location or in person. 

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"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves." ~ Victor E Frankl

Celebrating 10+ YEARS as a Company with Heart!

Vision, Mission & Purpose


Our Vision, Mission and Purpose is to improve lives, and encourage self-reliance globally. We accomplish this through innovative ideas, educational platforms and philanthropy. 

our vision

Meet High Style Founder, Julie E Harman


Ms. Harman has served all over America, learning what it takes to create healthier and happier environments for our community. She also earned the White House Presidential Gold Award for Community Service and she continues to dedicate herself to the role of sharing the empowering message of self-care and self-reliance. 

unite with purpose

5-Star Reviews

We Welcome new Clients, Partners and Projects!


Our clients have ranged from citizens, public figures, professional athletes, famous musicians and more. We have worked with Global Nonprofits and Companies! 


Our partners have been all over many industries. We realize that as we open up to possibilities, the opportunities grow right along with us! There is a lot of potential with our partner growth, and we want to help it grow organically and on purpose! Please email us at


We care about what communities experience on a local level. It is vital that communities feel empowered, as we promote individual responsibility and preparedness. 

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