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Will you like to invite Julie E Harman, Ms. America 2016, to your next Gathering, Group, or Community Event?

Here are some of the quotes written about Julie in articles. 

According to the the article written for the  Emergency Essentials Blog entitled, "Ms. America Teaches Emergency Preparedness" here are some quotes from my interview:

“I realized over the years of being a single mom that there were many instances and moments in my life where I wasn’t sure if I was prepared,” she said. “I knew that I had to search deeper. I had to figure out whether or not I was truly prepared. Self-reliance is something that isn’t just about food storage. It’s a message that goes across the board in many facets of life. This includes emotional preparedness. There are moments in life when we may feel that there is no one else there for us, or no one understands what we are going through. Such moments can lead to a downward spiral of depression or anxiety where recovery takes far longer than just a moment. Self-Reliance is the ability to strongly perform from one’s own abilities in different areas of life. As we each become more personally PREPARED, we inherently become more RESPONSIBLE citizens to society as a whole." 

Self-Reliance is the key to becoming free of addictions, depression, anxiety, financial stress, overcoming loss, trauma, and more. Each person is in the act of becoming stronger, healthier, and more capable of providing more for themselves. We all need another as well, and we grow by sharing with another how we can better take care of ourselves! 

I will come prepared to share insights, information, and inspiration to your group! This message will be custom to your audience and we will work together to provide more VALUE to each life you are reaching, serving and connecting to, while building relationships along the way! 

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This book teaches you how to give, receive and break free so you can live your best life, and learn how to become self-reliant by being responsible and prepared for life’s changes and challenges. 

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