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Owner & Founder


Julie E Harman is the current Owner of High Style Company. Her full bio can be viewed on her page following this link.

Health & Wellness Experts


We work directly with some of the best fitness and wellness experts to provide resources and tools for our private clients.

Presenters & Performance Experts


We love working closely with those who lead in their own industries who are also very passionate about giving back to humanity and society!

Connections with trendsetters & global trotters...

Sustainability & Water Experts


We work directly with some of the best partners in water filtration on the planet! Water is our #1 energy source next to air, and we want the best advice there is for our clients.

Small & Corporate-Size Business Experts


We have had numerous small business owners who have been our clients, and thousands in our Network. We value every single one who is making a difference in our world, providing employment, and realizing the American Dream!

Adventurist Experts


We love learning about what makes people travel around the world for 'fun' or to give charitable service, or just live off-the-grid! This is something that many only dream of doing, and yet, this is the "life" that these experts consider true freedom!