Meet Founder, Julie E Harman

A Brief Bio

I'm a creative entrepreneur. After graduating college in Hawaii in 2003 with Cum Laude honors and a degree in International Cultural Studies and Communications, I decided that becoming a mother as well as business owner was my next step in life. I am currently fortunate to be a single mother of two remarkable teenage daughters, and business owner.  

I began my first company online in 2004, and launched it a year later during the days when YouTube and Wordpress didn't exist. Everything felt 'manual' every step of the way. I learned the ropes of global wholesale to retail as well as honed in on my production skills. I dove right into the internet world and would not stop learning as much as I could, as fast as I could!

Business has been a passion of mine every since. I proceeded to teach myself new skills with professional photography, and become very well sought after for my low light photography. Next to learn was video production, and the art of telling a story. I aspired to become a trusted consultant who would bring the best out in every client I served and serving led me to competing as Ms. America 2016, of which, I became the next winner

I have grown to love the way that light ignites everything, especially within. My passion drives me every day to make a difference in every life that I am fortunate to connect to! I continue to utilize my many artistic skills along with my spiritual gifts, which are also leading my brand and leadership towards more public speaking and natural wellness and mindfulness. 

High Style is a company 'with heart' which continues to expand, improve, and enlighten more souls to another level. 

Much Love and Light,



High Style Legacy Galleries

High Style Photography


High Style began as a professional photography company in 2008. Documenting and capturing the essence of portraits, weddings, public events, famous musicians, speakers, and history makers. Photography became the foundation of much more to come!

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High Style Studios


High Style Studios began in 2011 as an extension to High Style Photography. Studios had many opportunities to document 'real stories of real people' in short video form. We told stories of nonprofits, well known business leaders and impactful local stories. 

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High Style Network


High Style Network has been building for the past 10 years with the many contacts associated with High Style clients and networking with many from around the world. This will continue to happen as High Style works hard at presenting a grand message, and providing top tier service. 

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